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 Faces of Our County

Welcome to a page full of early county residents - take a look - you may discover photos of your ancestors!

Many photo albums have been donated to the Museum of Cape May County over the last century. These albums range from the early-mid 1800s to the 1930's, and include a variety of known and unknown faces. The photos offer a unique glimpse into our county history, and we're thrilled about their online debut.

Don't forget to take a look at our photos of unidentified individuals at Do You Know Me? and let us know if you recognize anyone.


Gallery of Photo Album 12

date range 1840 - 1890

Names in order of Rows from Left to Right: 

Photo Album 12 001 Edward TownsendPhoto Album 12 002 Mrs. Edward TownsendPhoto Album 12 003 Richard HainesPhoto Album 12 004 Harriet Townsend

Edward Townsend, Mrs. Edward Townsend, Richard Haines, Mrs. Richard Haines (Harriet Townsend)

Photo Album 12 005 HallowellPhoto Album 12 006 Anne HallowellPhoto Album 12 008 Berry HallowellPhoto Album 009 Lydia Hallowell

Hallowell, Annie Hallowell, Berry Hallowell, Lydia Hallowell

Photo Album 12 012 Isaac TownsendPhoto Album 12 013 Mrs. Isaac TownsendPhoto Album 12 014 Annabella TownsendPhoto Album 12 016 Berry Lee

Isaac Townsend, Mrs. Isaac Townsend, Annabella Townsend, Berry Lee

Photo Album 017 Mary TownsendPhoto Album 12 018 Maria Townsend019 William Townsend020 Mira Townsend

Mary Townsend, Maria Townsend, William Townsend, Mira Townsend

021 Mrs. Edward Townsend022 Edward Townsend023 Anna Bassett031 William Townsend

Mrs. Edward Townsend, Edward Townsend, Anna Bassett, William Townsend

032 Hanna Townsend033 Edward Bayley034 Eliza Bayley037 Richard Haines

Hannah Townsend, Edward Bayley, Eliza Bayley, Richard Haines

 039 Samuel Townsend041 O Lindlam044 Katherine Jacobs045 Rachel Jacobs

Samuel Townsend, O. Lindlam, Kathering Jacobs, Rebecca Jacobs

 049 Frances Bayley Lee050 Berry Lee051 Frances Bayley Lee056 Annie Townsend

Frances Bayley Lee, Berry Lee, Frances Bayley Lee, Annie Townsend

057 Harriet Townsend Haines058 Anna Bennett059 William Townsend060 Mary Townsend

Harriet Townsend Haines, Anna Bennet, William Townsend, Mary Townsend

061 Mrs. Hunter Dixon062 Mrs. Hunter Dixon065 Edwin Townsend066 Frances Bayley Lee

Mrs. Hunter Dixon, Mrs. Hunter Dixon, Edwin Townsend, Frances Bayley Lee

073 Baskins and Bayley083 Richard Haines084 Lydia Hannah Anna Townsend093 Edward Livingston Townsend

Baskins and Bayley, Richard Haines, Lydia Hannah Anna Townsend, Edward Livingston Townsend

Gallery of Photo Album 14

date range 1850 - 1890

Names in Order of Rows from Left to Right:

Rev. Perry Hall Smiley French Rachel French Thomas French 

Rev. Perry Hall, Smiley French, Rachel French, Thomas French

George Swyler Mrs. Swyler Swyler Child Harry Swyler 

George Swyler, Mrs. Swyler, Swyler Child, Harry Swyler

George Swyler  John Kensel Emma KenselKate Tenner  

George Swyler, John Kensel, Emma Kensel, Kate Tenner

Clara Tenner Tom's Uncle Job Corson Mrs. Job Corson Job Corson's Son 

Clara Tenner, Job Corson, Mrs. Corson, Corson's Son

Sarah Corson Abija Corson Abija's Wife Agustus Corson 

Sarah Corson, Abija Corson, Abija's Wife, Agustus Corson

Josiah Sack Gertrude KenselAaron Godfrey Mary Hoffman

Josiah Sack, Gertrude Kensel, Aaron Godfrey, Mary Hoffman

Kate Jonas    Gideon Sandy (H)Addie Erricson Stephen Parson

Kate Jonas, Gideon Sandy, (H)addie Erricson, Stephen Parsons

Mrs. Taylor David Sack Hannah sack 

 Mrs. Taylor, David Sack, Hannah Sack                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Gallery of Photo Album 15

Date Range 1900 - 1930s

Names in Order from Left to Right: Hulda Jefferson, Robert R. Corson, Flora Young, Ellis H. Marshall

Hulda JeffersonRobert Corson Flora Young Ellis Marshall

Gallery of Photo Album 16: Cole

Date Range 1897 - 1900s

Names in Order from Left to Right: Eugene Cole, Lila C. (last name illegible)

Eugene Cole  Lila C.

Gallery of Photo Album 17: Townsends

Date Range approx. 1890s

Names in Order from Left to Right: Eugene Townsend, Stella Cox and Emma Townsend, Amanda Townsend

Eugene Townsend Stella Cox and Emma Townsend Amanda Townsend Amanda Malvina Townsend

Gallery of Photo Album 18: Halls

Date Range 1900 - 1930s

Names in Order from Left to Right: Eleanor Hall, Eleanor Hall (3 years 11 months old), Edward and Eleanor Hall, Edward Hall, Ada Hall and Eleanor Townsend

Eleanor Hall  Eleanor Hall 3 yrs 11 months old  Eleanor and Edward Hall  Edward Hall Eleanor Townsend and Ada Hall

 Gallery of Photo Album 19: Smiths

Date Range 1890 - 1910

Names in Order from Left to Right: Mary Smith (note written on back "Aunt Lizzie's little girl" ), Elizabeth Smith

Photo Album 19 Mary Smith  Photo Album 19 Elizabeth Smith

Gallery of Photo Album 20: Smallwoods

Date Range 1920's

Names in Order from Left to Right: Robert Smallwood (note on back stating "Born 1920 Died 1924"), Robert Smallwood as infant, Sara Y. Smallwood

Photo Album 20 Robert Smallwood  Photo Album 20 Robert Smallwood2  Photo Album 20 Sara Y. Smallwood

Gallery of Photo Album 21: Buildings in Cape May County

Date Range 1900 - 1920

Building Importance from left to right: House of Theophilus Corson in Tuckahoe, NJ  (torn down), Quaker Meeting House in Seaville, NJ, Seaville M.E. Church

Photo Album 21 House of MR. Corson  Photo Album 21 Quaker House, Seaville NJ  Photo Album 21 Seaville Church

Gallery of Photo Album 22 

Date Range 1890 - 1910

Left Photo: Women's Christian Temperance Group - Matilda Devault, Carrie Y. Corson, Elizabeth Sutton, Eleanor Van Lilder, Emma Townsend, Amanda M. Townsend, Laura Sharp, Grace Sharp

Right Photo: Group Photo in Garden - Hulda Corson, Katherine Corson, Eleanor Hall, Carrie Townsend

Photo Album 22 W.C.T.U. Group  Photo Album 22 Corson Hall Townsend

Gallery of Photo Album 23

Date Range 1840 - 1860's

Names in Order from Left to Right:Joseph Corson, J. Corson, Lake Corson 

 Photo Album 23 Joseph Corson  Photo Album 23 J Corson  Photo Album 23 Lake Corson

Gallery of Photo Album 24

Date Range 1890 - 1920's

Names In Order from Left to Right: Lettie Tomlin, Eugene Townsend, Amanda Townsend, Eleanor Townsend, Unidentified Child (a postcard photographed by The M.F. Champion Studio Ocean City, NJ)

                Lettie Tomlin Eugene Townsend Amanda Townsend Eleanor Townsend 

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